Working Heartily For The Lord

by Whitney Castor

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. YOU ARE SERVING THE LORD CHRIST! Colossians 3:23-24 (ESV) *Emphasis is mine.





1. in a hearty manner.

synonyms: wholeheartedly, sincerely, genuinely, warmly, profoundly, with all one's heart

2. very; to a great degree.

synonyms: very, extremely, thoroughly, completely, absolutely, really, exceedingly, immensely, most, downright, quite, seriously

As a stay at home mom, most, if not all the time, I feel my work is in vain. I sweep and mop, wash and fold, dust and vacuum just to do it all over again, and again, and again. In between all that, I am constantly picking up others messes; abandoned crafts, a plethora of toys thrown aimlessly about, trails of dirt that got tracked in, wiping faces and bottoms, endlessly putting back all the books back into the shelf, puddles of water from handwashing and showering in the kids' bathroom- all the while correcting, disciplining, discipling, teaching, lesson-giving, praying with and for bad hearts, mediating persistent fighting, and persuasive and silly antics to keep the toddler happy. Multi-tasking is my forte. Nonetheless, it is a vicious and exhausting cycle.


When I heard this passage today (while folding laundry after deep cleaning the living room and putting the little child down for a nap and making sure the eldest was writing her sentences neatly and going over my eternal to-do list and listening to Ask Pastor John- see?! Told you I was a multi-tasker!) I was really convicted of my sin.

I work so much, but how much of it do I do heartily?

I mean with genuine joy and exuberance- not because I'm Snow White and am perpetually happy, but because of the joy and satisfaction that it brings me, working for and bringing glory to my Father?

Through all the messes and pulling kids off each other, through all the mountains of laundry, the never ending pit of a sink full of dishes, through finding time in my day to disciple and feed my children, and myself, spiritually- do I work heartily for my Lord?


I’ll admit, it's been hard lately. A lot has happened this year, and the new year will bring more events and more busyness for our family, and undoubtedly, more messes!

But how much more enjoyable and fulfilling would it be for my soul to constantly remind myself and really know that my work is not in vain? I am working for the One who created me, my husband, and my little ones. The One who's provided our house and the food in the pantry and the clothes on our back and the water running to wash those stinky clothes.

I get to work for Him, the best boss ever, and I get to show my children what a joy it is to WORK for him, to SERVE him (and in turn, them), and to be HIS!

What will that say of our God when my family sees me serving them, working for Him, doing the endless list of mom stuff I am blessed to do everyday, sometimes more than once in a day- joyfully AND heartily?

Ah. What a sweet moment I've had today meditating on this. I pray that as I resolve to train my mind and heart in knowing my work is for my Lord that I will not feel it a dread or burden in my work as a stay at home mom. God has blessed me with this life, and everything in it. Messes and all.

I know I will have days when it's hard to come to grips with this truth when I'm overwhelmed with things of this world and my own insufficiencies. Thankfully, I have a wonderful teacher in my Jesus. He did this perfectly, cleaning up the biggest mess in the history of ever, our sin- up to the point of death on a cross. Heartily. Joyfully. He knows my struggles, he knows my shortcomings. He did it, and he will give me the strength to do so, too. 

My God is good, and I know he will see me through. To Him be the glory!