Whoever Loves Discipline

Robin Aylor

Proverbs 12:1. Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid.


Your middle name knowledge, your first name is wisdom.

Your depths are amazing in colorful prism.


Everyone important says you’re they’re close friend.

But few who court you stay true to the end.


Many hate that road, that they would need travel.

The country, the weather, the potholes and gravel.


It takes discipline, training, attention and strain.

Some hiss just to listen, wailing with pain.


They will never arrive at the door of your home.

So they sit, skinny fat, in their flesh, all alone.


With your heart in my eye, and your key in my hand.

I start on the fly over sea over land.


Through wind, freezing rain, thunder and hail.

I walk leaning forward, with no thought to fail.


I never turn back, I never retreat.

I never consider, the thought of defeat.


With every scratch and bruise, splatter of blood.

All your ways, and your muse, I cherish and love.


My heart is pumping, stronger and bold.

As joy now overwhelms me, embracing your hold.