To Be a Pilgrim

John Bunyan

(Capo 3 Bb)

G                                  C     G                  D     G

Who would true valour see, Let him come hi-ther;

G                                    C      G                       D      G

Once here will constant be, Come wind, come wea-ther.

G                                 C                G                     C    D

There’s no discouragement, Shall make him once re-lent

        G          C             G   C  G       D    G

His first a-vowed in - tent to be a Pil-grim

G                             C       G                 D   G

Who-so beset him round, With dismal stories

G                                   C       G                          D     G

Do but themselves confound; His strength the more is.

G                          C               G              C     D

No lion can him fright, He’ll with a gi - ant fight,

          G          C        G      C  G      D    G

(And) he will have a right to be a pilgrim.

G                              C      G                   D      G

Hobgoblin nor foul fiend, Can daunt his spi - rit,

G                            C       G                D      G

He knows he at the end, Shall life in-her - it.

G                            C             G                   C       D

Then fancies flee away, He’ll fear not what men say,

         G         C            G    C  G       D    G

He’ll labour night and day to be a pilgrim.