The Cheerful of Heart

Robin Aylor

Proverbs 15:15 15 All the days of the afflicted are evil, 

but the cheerful of heart has a continual feast.


Oppressed, distressed, a life in upheaval,

Are those who stake claim in a world full of evil 

The victim, the patsy, the loser denied

Indignant pleading with self-righteous pride


But where is this curse on the cheerful of heart? 

They sing in the moonless pitch black dark 

They don’t brood with their mind and seek to recall

Every wrong they have suffered great or small


I viewed a video just the other day

Of three Christians bound and hauled away 

They kneeled in a field with many spectators 

But they would not deny their Lord and Creator 


Though smitten, scorned or struck with a knife 

We may feast with joy on the Bread of Life 

While others will curse at a small disruption 

Our rapture explodes like a volcano’s eruption 


If you’re sanctimoniously demanding fairness and truth 

You might as well ask to be hung by a noose 

Complacently injured you think you’re a token 

To be fair you are shattered thats why Jesus was broken 


Dont muse as a casualty, you suffering slave 

Have faith in the one who rose from the grave 

Jesus endured, forsaken, our place on the cross

That we might become the cheerful of heart