RDACarpet Cleaning

Woodward Oklahoma

Hi friends, My name is Robin Aylor and I would love to clean your home or business carpets. I use a bonnet style maintenance machine similar to the way churches and many business have their carpets cleaned and charge about 1/3 of what the steam extractor vans charge. Most generally, its very simple. The first room is $50 and any additional room is $25.

Some folk like their living room carpet cleaned quarterly because that’s where they meet, eat and greet neighbors. That’s where they have birthday parties for their children. That’s where they do family. If you only want your living room cleaned, it generally will be $50. That's our minimum first room charge. But if you want other rooms cleaned at the same time most bedrooms are only $25 a room. Wow!

Also, consider I use a low foam encapsulating fluid with microfiber padded bonnets that are changed out as I clean. I do spot extractions with a high powered wet vac followed up with the shampooing. The encapsulating fluid I use is a newer technology in carpet cleaning. It helps prevents difficult stains from resurfacing and more. The drying time is usually around an hour depending on humidity.


Call or text me at 580-216-2724

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