Proverbs in 365 Devotions

March 18

Proverbs 5:13 I did not listen to the voice of my teachers or incline my ear to my instructors. 14 I am at the brink of utter ruin in the assembled congregation.”

Desire and Decision

To Disobey or Follow

Daniel Castor

In one ear and out the other! I don't know how many times I herd these words as a young boy. They always followed my disobedience. My father would give me instructions and I would often not follow them. I knew that there would be consequences but for some reason I always had a good reason to disobey. Instructions seem easy to follow and make a lot of sense when we first receive them. But all you have to do is throw a little selfish desire in the mix and you end up with some instruction that is now much harder to follow. This always seems to be the case. The trick is we need to make the decision as to who we will obey before the opportunity arises.