Proverbs in 365 Devotions


Proverbs 15:20 A wise son makes a glad father, but a foolish man despises his mother.

A Glad Father

R Aylor

You know… wisdom and foolishness have something in common… They both affect the lives of others don’t they?

Growing up I can remember a few times my foolishness made an angry father… and also my foolishness was witness to prove the fact that I disrespected my mother.

If we have stray from good teachings of our parents which also conflict with the laws of the land… There are systems in place where governments hope to execute justice.

I read a paper where a number of male criminals in prison were given an opportunity to write a card to their mothers on Mothers Day and also their fathers on Fathers Day… a great percentage wrote to their mothers but few if any to their fathers.. Why is that?

Could it be that no matter what kind of father they had; even if their Dad was a failure to them they know they too are a disappointment to to their father… they did not make wise choices and have not made them glad.

And possibly they overwhelmingly wrote to their mothers because they are accepted by them with love… (mothers are great that way)… and they love their mothers but still they know they have despised them and forsook their teachings and all the good hopes they had for them in life. And so many mothers just won’t give up… they will leave no child behind… I think that is awesome!

Truth is none of us have been perfect sons and daughters… We all have been foolish, disobedient and selfish children.

And not only that but we have despised and forsook our Father in heaven… Our Creator who  created us for joy and righteousness and good works... He created us for his glory and wants good for us in all things.

He is a just God and we will all stand in his court to be judged for whether we despised him or made him a glad Father.

Of course… we all despised him and went our own way… We deserve something worse than prison… we deserve a horrible spiritual death. The Bible says the wages of sin is death.

But there is some amazing news! God promised he would send his own Son to take the judgement for us. And he would impute his righteousness into all who would delight in him. Jesus was paid the wages of our sin and then he defeated death itself by rising from he grave. One day he will raise all who rest in him incorruptible forever… But until that day… while here on earth he gives us the same power that raised him from the grave to be victorious over sin in this world… We now not only make our Father in heaven glad but we can honor our earthly father and mother as God intended.