Proverbs in 365 Devotions


Proverbs 15:19 The way of a sluggard is like a hedge of thorns, but the path of the upright is a level highway.

How To Quiet

A Boiling Pot

Robin Aylor

Have you ever had to walk through a thicket of thorns vines? Maybe through the woods while hunting or trying to retrieve a golf ball or Frisbee that made its way into the heart of the bramble? Mercy there are a lot of thorns on these vines! It doesn’t take long before your walk slows down to a literal crawl and it hurts the arms and legs as you move. It hurts your fingers every time you try and pull a thorn vine out of your way. Every step is marked with a groan.

That’s how the sluggard feels with the every day things in life. Every task is hedged by thorns.

Oh no, I gotta get up; how horrible this is… Woe is me… Its too cold to shower… Why me? It’ll be ok to wait and feed the dog after I get home from work… My boss hates me… fellow employees are stupid… Home at last; the couch… turn on the tv, nothing good... my muscles hurt… I ate to many snacks, my tummy hurts, … lights out… Oh no, I gotta get up; how horrible this is… running late… My life is so difficult, unfair, full of misery and hardship... Ooops, just remembered I forgot to feed the dog yesterday… Boy I stink, I’ll take a shower when I get home. Or, maybe I’ll just sleep.

Has life become hedges of thorns that keep you from fulfilling the purpose God has for you? If so, you may be a sluggard. I can Identify… I’ve spent plenty of time caged in by the thorns…

One can move a lot better on a level highway than through a thicket of briars.

Something has to change… focus has to switch from centering on self and thorns to seeing the glory of God and loving others.

Since the fall, mankind is born out of fellowship with God and our purpose is turned inward. Even then God spoke of the seed of the woman who would be the only hope for mankind and our sin. He would die in our place and raise that he might raise us in body and in victory over sin in many ways. Our focus must now be on him. A focus that says he is our guaranteed hope… he is our delight… our joy… our good news…

Then we have a reason to stand up in this broken briar infested world and rejoice!… And so we go… we go and share the good news of the beauty of Jesus and his love to others.