Proverbs in 365 Devotions


Proverbs 14:21 Whoever despises his neighbor is a sinner, but blessed is he who is generous to the poor.

Whirly Bird


The Change Family

Robin Aylor

The whole Change family including Willy, his wife Shallshe and son Woody detested their neighbors the Be-livers who lived next door in a small house. The dad was Izza Be-liver and the moms name was Ima. Their daughter was Truly with her middle name after her Mom; Ima. Their sons name was Scouts Honor and he was named after his dad with his middle name Izza.

So there was Willy Change, Shallshe Change and Woody Change who lived next door to Izza Be-liver, Ima Be-liver, Truly Ima Be-liver, and Scouts Honor Izza Be-liver.    

The reason the Change family detested the Be-livers was because young Scouts Honor Izza Be-liver's dog Whirly Bird too often and regularly was regular on their lawn. At times every day Woody would look out the window and holler to his mother: "Whirly Bird is depositing more soft serve mom!" It really wasn't that bad because it hardened into barney stones within 30 minutes and would have gradually released its miracle growth of nutrients into the Change's yard If it wasn’t for Willies obsessive hatred for Whirly Bird and the Be-livers. 


On any given day one could hear Change family members yelling and watch them throw things at Whirly Bird. "You dab burn dog! get out o' my lawn!. Woody just ask his mom the other day: "Mom can I have a pump up BB gun for my birthday? I'll take care of that raskel pup". They called the dog pound to pick him up a few times but he always came back. Willy was so consumed with his lawn that he would check his yard for Whirly Burly phoo many times a day and he even had security cameras installed for that very reason. However there was more to his dislike than the daily dose of fertilization from Whirly Bird. The real reason for his bitterness was that he was jealous of the Be-livers life. Even though Izza Be-liver’s family was poor, Willy was envious of the way his family loved one another, and the way the people of town respected Iza, and how the townsfolk treated his family, and Willy was jealous for the heart of joy these Be-liver's had and the love and help they showed others. The Be-liver's were not selfish. Even within their small house, they took people in from time to time who needed help even giving them their beds and sleeping on the floor themselves, and they participated in supporting their community and loved worshiping God with friends at church.

Then one day the Change’s accepted the Be-liver's invitation to worship with them at church. During the sermon it seemed as though the preacher was speaking directly to them actually calling them by name. Speaking about matters of the heart the Pastor said: "Will he change? Shall she change? Would he change?” Then the pastor said  "Only with Jesus can a person’s heart change and only with a changed heart can one be joyful in helping and loving others.”

Incidentally, the Change’s were changed that very night. From then on and for the rest of their life they began using their middle names. Willy Did Change, Shallshe Claimed Change and Woody By George Embraced Change. They found a blessed life in Christ, and also had an added bonus of the healthiest and greenest lawn in town... and if you were wondering... the Be-liver's dog Whirly Bird lived a long, well fed and happy life surrounded by friends all the rest of his days.