Proverbs in 365 Devotions

July 12

Proverbs 12:10 Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.

For God So Loved...

Brad Chase

Can a horse run full speed for 12 hours without stopping, or eating, or drinking? Can a single Ox move an entire hotel building on its own? Or can a cow dog work with a broken back? The answer to these is obviously no.

A righteous man knows what his beast needs, but I believe there is more implications here than just how to treat your beast. A righteous man will bring compassion and understanding and provide help to more than just the animals that belong to him. He will more so apply these things to mankind as a whole, his friends, his children and to above all, to his wife. He will see the man on the street, homeless and hungry. And, even if he hasn’t a penny to his name, will at least have the desire to help. He will see the neighborhood kid crash his bike and run to help. Even though it’s not his kid. He will set with his children in the middle of the night and hold them because they had a bad dream. He will sacrifice his “me time” so that his wife can have a break and feel loved. The needs of others will outweigh the selfish desires of the righteous man. Compassion and understanding and love will be more important to the righteous.

As has been discussed, a righteous man is not righteous on his own accord. By nature, we are the wicked man. We want what we want. We are self absorbed, selfish and sinful. We don’t care what is going on with our spouse, or kids. We are unaware of the neighborhood kid and the homeless man and a beast is replaceable when unable to do the job or dead due to neglect. The righteous man who views these things differently is only made righteous by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus knew his “beast“ if you will, well enough to know that we are unable to do the job we were designed to do. (barring the image of the perfect God). He knew that sacrifices needed to be made so that we could become righteous. He boldly and lovingly accepted those sacrifices for us. He makes us sufficient. He makes us worthy. He makes us righteous.

An application for the day is strive to be like Christ. See people the way he does. Value people the way he does. Love people the way he does to a point that you would deny yourself for the better of others. Only Jesus can make you righteous, but your actions give witness to what Jesus has done for you...

And take care of your pets!