Proverbs in 365 Devotions

July 1

Proverbs 11:28 Whoever trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous will flourish like a green leaf.

A Green Leaf...

Brad Chase

Once upon a time, in an enchanted forest, there was a beautiful tree. It was the largest one in the land with big bushy branches and bright green leaves. But the magical part was that each leaf could talk. Each with its own personality and thoughts.

There was one leaf in particular who was more chatty than the rest. She would say things like ...

“ I am so beautiful. My color is brighter than any other leaf here. Look at my pigment and veins. I am the most gorgeous leaf on this tree. Even the bugs come to admire me, but don’t dare bite."

One day a huge wind came out of nowhere and this leaf was blown off her branch and on into the forest. Once she landed, she thought to herself...

“ I’m fine. I was getting bored with those other leaves anyway. So quiet and ugly and rude. Now I get to travel and show everyone my beauty.”

The leaf was blown by the wind every now and then or carried off somewhere by a critter some times. All the while thinking of how beautiful she was and how everyone must be enjoying her as well. That was until a few days later, when the leaf looked down at herself and realized she was turning brown. The leaf panicked!

“Oh no! What am I going to do!“ she cried. Unfortunately, there was nothing that she could do. Within a few days the leaf had turned brown, dried up and was now dead.

The leaf had a lot of green and trusted in it whole heartedly to get her by. But, when the green was gone, there was nothing left. What she didn’t realize, was that the tree was sustaining her. It was the tree that gave her life and made her so green. Without the tree, there would be no leaf.

The same is true of us. Our “green” may be money, fame, beauty or ability and talent. One day, those things will be gone. Then what’s left? What will our hope be in? It should be in the “tree” that sustains us and gives us that green. Our hope should not be in ourselves or the things of this world, but the creator of us and this world. Our hope should be in the salvation through Jesus on the cross and resurrection from the grave. Our hope should be in the sovereignty of God and the provision and protection and His grace and power that sustains us.

Our proverb today tells us that the righteous will flourish like a green leaf. In order to achieve this status of righteousness, we must first understand that there is nothing we can do to become righteous on our own. We receive this gift from Jesus through His death, burial and resurrection. When we trust him, he makes us righteous.

Let’s stop relying on how green we are and start being thankful for the tree that provides for us. The one true God.