My America

Gerri Aylor (GiGi)

Oh America, my U.S.A., you’re heavy on my mind

You’re on a downward spiral and you are going blind

With attitude whatever, don’t let God get in your way

Make my life be very easy as I live from day to day

With the youth there’s a lot of conflict and in collage lots of booze

In your conscience you are captured; wake up soldier from your snooze

In your mind there is a lacking, you choose fables and pass blame

You are loosing all your morals, unforgiving with no shame

Babies die because you’re selfish and sodomy is your lust

Women, you are dropping dress lines, so you see more of your bust

Don’t you know the earth will suffer what our fathers fought to save

Don't you want to tell the truth or in bondage be a slave?

Let us all have strength and courage, with our spirits hand in hand

I know that we can do it, loving God and loving man