The Lost World

Robin Aylor 11/08/2017


John 18:36 Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world....

The other day I watched an old science fiction “B” movie called “The Lost World” and its sequel “Return to the Lost World”.


A young archeologist on expedition in central Africa met another adventurer on his death bed who gave him drawings of dinosaurs he had seen along with a crude map saying he had found a lost world. The archeologist immeadatly set out to find this world and upon arrival his guide stabbed him taking his treasured map. The archeologist was hurt and had to return home for treatment. But before leaving he happened to catch a glimpse of a giant prehistoric teradactile. Though he had lost his precious map he was still a happy man because it had become imprinted upon his mind and in his heart.


Back home the archeologist told his colleagues of his sighting but they made a laughingstock of him and his career. 


Though he could have returned sooner, he didn’t go back to the lost world till later in life. Finally he returned taking others with him. Upon returning home this time they brought pictures, artifacts  and many great stories to proclaim.


Not long ago, a friend asked me why should people need to go to church if they’re already a Christian? That is somewhat comparable to asking why would the archeologist want to go back to the Lost World since he already saw it. If you have seen and tasted of the invisible spiritual kingdom of God you will want to see more. Seeing was not the end of our journey, it was the beginning. So we assemble and learn. We read the Bible and Pray. We delight in our Creators words. We seek to grow in the knowledge of his Son and his will. We want to see more of his glory, be transformed and savor all Jesus has done for us. 


If you have seen a glimpse of Jesus… please don’t wait till you are an old man or woman before you go back and visit the invisible spiritual kingdom of God. Come back early and often... take someone with you. Bring back a treasure chest full of artifacts and discovered truths from Gods word to share in the real “lost world” where you are on mission.