This is a poem I wrote after reading Proverbs 8:25-31. I assume it is pointing to Jesus because of how Wisdom is paralleled to the Lord in Creation.

Like A Master Workman
R Aylor

Long before the valleys low, mountains high and hills

Before the first grain of dust, on earth upon the fields

I was before him filled with joy, and He was pleased with me

Twas all good, with no beginning, One God in Three


So when he marked and drew a circle, I too was there

And when he made the heavens, all this I shared


He steadied the sky and established the deep

He set boundaries for waters, they all heard him speak


He marked out the earth, I offered my hands

In his own image created We man


He sent me to earth and I willingly went

To the world I created now broken and bent


I was paid wages for their hatred and sin

For their good I lived, died and rose again


Yet it was for Gods glory, his praise and his name

That he chose you and made you, that his only Son came


This good news of great joy for the human race

Is all to the praise of his glorious grace