By Gerri Aylor


She was Samaria’s Queen

And her god was Baal

She lived in luxury

So listen to her tale


Everybody knew that

She painted on her face

And even in death you see,

They barely found a trace


King Ahab soon would covet

A vineyard not his own

For the heir from God was Naboth

So the King began to moan


Said Jezebel, “I’ll fix it!”

And this is what she did

She sent two wicked fellows

Who accused… Naboth as she bid


So stones, were thrown at him

And they took away his life

But Jezebel didn't plan on

Elijah the Tishbite


The dogs will lick your blood he said

And your children all will die

So everything from GOD came true

God’s Word it cannot lie


So never cheat an heir my friend

And do not live a lie

Always make all things right

Before your time to die