Mission India

Mission India has a special place in our heart! We work with our wonderful friend and brother who lives in India and ministers to the people up close on the ground from day to day. S. Right off you probably noticed his cool and interesting name. S grew up in a (Muslim background ?). When he came to know the Lord his family legally divorced him from their family name and so he needed to choose another and he chose S. 

Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church regularly sends pastors and laymen and women to assist S however we can. He is quite a difficult person to keep up with for sure. Here are some of the things that keep him busy.

As head Pastor of his own church S is looked to as a great servant hearted teacher who wears many hats in the organization he leads. He has started many churches and ordained many Pastors. God has used him in a multi faceted role to minister to the people in India. He has started many Orphan Homes in a country where it is estimated that there are ???? orphans. Families are murdered or die from drugs or cannot afford to support their children and so they are on their own. Many are taken in as slaves for peoples own purposes and quite a lot turn to prostitution. You can support the Orphans that S organization is helping. You may even want to exchange letters to one or more. 



Abandoned young girls are sold into slavery and grow up in prostitution. Other women loose their husbands to drugs and alcohol or are murdered. Some men abandon their wives because they cannot support them. Prostitution is how a majority of women survive. S has a ministry to help woman escape that dark path. You can buy a sewing machine or contribute to build a sewing room building. Ladies gather daily to their assigned machines and sew for companies in countries where their work is shipped. In this they can receive a paycheck and are not pushed back toward prostitution or slavery.  

Building Church Worship Buildings - To build a simple meeting building with a roof the cost is approximately $.

Digging Wells - One amazing ministry S. does is digging water wells. Water is a sacred commodity and people (usually women) can walk many miles a day to retrieve water from a well for their households daily use. S. is digging well to make their commute shorter. But there is more: S is digging wells in the front yards of Pastors. like the woman at the well in the book of John people who get water in these pastors yards are hearing of the water of life... They are hearing the Gospel and coming to know Jesus as their Savior. A well cost around $.

Dr. S also occasionally makes a visit to America and brings news to those who support him. He recently came and shared with our church of his ministry. He also visited small groups and bible studies.