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Glorifying a Glorious God

by Robin Aylor - October 2017


What is the Glory of God? Gods glory is who he is. It is his character and his attributes. Where do I get this? One place is where Moses was speaking to God in Exodus 33:18 and makes this request: “Please show me your glory.”. God immediately tells him of his sovereignty, goodness, holiness and other attributes. 

What does it mean to glorify someone? It doesn’t mean we make them any greater by praising them. It is simply to brag on them by delighting in or joyfully proclaiming the attributes they already have. To glorify God might be simply laying on our bed and pondering specific characteristics of God like thanking him for his sustaining grace through a difficult day or period of time in life… even for his patience with us. That is glorifying him. We glorify God when we take pleasure in his words to us. We glorify him to others when we brag on him by speaking about his glorious traits and attributes.


So let us highlight the glory of God in our own heart… adore and savor him and let his glory spill over on others. A few of his attributes include his goodness, holiness, faithfulness, sovereignty, righteousness, justness and grace. We won't forget the mercy God gave us in giving his only Son to die and receive the wages of our own sins and then in defeating death itself. Today lets glorify and brag on Jesus.