Proverbs in 365 Devotions

Proverbs 28:10 Whoever misleads the upright into an evil way will fall into his own pit, but the blameless will have a goodly inheritance.

The Pit

Is The Pits

R Aylor

Solomon does a great job painting a picture of an evil person leading someone in a bad way. It could be this wicked person is simply exalting himself and trying to set himself up as a mentor to a righteous person. Some people thrive on having people like them and think they are cool… It makes them feel good when people see them as a leader… even a rebel who gets what they want and don’t take no lip from anyone… and they want approval and acceptance for who they are. So many times they would likely be trying to lead someone down a road they were familiar with… their own territory if you will.. one they have traveled on many times. Evil men tend to exalt their own wickedness as a kind of exalted glory toward others. It could be that kind of leading.

But it also could be that he is leading this righteous person astray into a snare with evil intentions. He could be actually setting a trap and trying to trip up the righteous person. This happens often as well.

I think satan himself combines both of these tactics of leading mankind. Remember, he was the one who fell from Gods favor when he wanted glory equal to God.. and what did he do? He led Adam and Eve down that same path. They were righteous before they sinned… Satan told Eve that God was a liar and if she disobeyed God she would not die but would be like Him.

The path for self glory would be an alluring temptation and it would serve two purposes… It would lead Adam and Eve to be like satan instead of God… And that would bring some kind of a feeling of glory to satan. They and their descendants would be his kindred spirits in a sense. But not only that… It would become their demise… you see… All mankind would would be one day cast into a pit for eternity because they believed satan and his promises for satisfaction instead of believing God.

And the thing is… this trap satan set for these first two righteous ones will one day hold him as well. The devil will be thrown into a pit which God created for him and all the angels who followed him…

Well, after Solomon says how this one who misleads the righteous will fall into his own pit he says
“but the blameless will have a goodly inheritance.”

So the truth is that we are all wicked, bent towards sin… so, not blameless… we are all bent toward seeking our own glory in some fashion. But although we are not a righteous race, God has made a way for us to obtain a foreign righteousness and then what Solomon says will ring true for us… “the blameless will have a goodly inheritance.”

After Adam and Eve sinned, God said in Genesis 3 how through the offspring of Eve one would come who would bruise or crush the head of the serpent… that is… the devil. So for generations there were men and women who believed God once again and waited for this Messiah to come and do what no one has or ever would do… live a perfect life so he might give his righteousness to all of fallen mankind who believe God with hope and delight. Gods only Son Jesus, the offspring of Mary did this very thing. And he also took the wages of our sin (which is death) by dying on the Cross. Then on the third day he broke the hold sin had through the law and was raised up from the dead. God will one day raise all who joyfully believe in him never to suffer the entropy that is associated with sin again… no pain, no arthritis, no covid-19, no death. And while here in this broken world God gives all who believe the power of the resurrection to have victory over sins power in life as we walk with him.

This is good news to believe in and share with others… I hope you have a great day in the Lord