Proverbs in 365 Devotions

Proverbs 24:27 Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house.

Passion For The Treasure

R Aylor

We all have things we want in life… And today's culture is one where people don’t want to wait for anything. We order our hearts desire on line… wild and crazy things… unique things no one would have imagined a few years ago… and much of the time it can be delivered to our door the very next day. And we don’t even have to have money to pay for it right now… on our person or even in the bank… we just put it on a credit card… We still might even have to work for the money at our job to pay for it… and to pay our house payment and our car payment and everything else… much of America lives not from paycheck to paycheck but a few months out in front of their next paycheck.

Today's text teaches us not to be obsessed with what we want or let it consume us so that we ignore accountability and responsibility. It talks about a person who has a desire to build a house… Maybe he is getting married and wants a home for his bride to be. It is not wise to be driven by passion for your bride to cause you to ignore plowing the field and planting the crops… The house may never get finished… the siding will remain half done and the insulation will show through and the trim will never be completely done and the house will age and get run down and your family will live in poverty because you ignored the wisdom associated with work and your accountability.

Our text talks about building a house but it could be about buying a car or even physical things related to sex or drugs or whatever… It could be anything that causes us to set wisdom aside and follow our earthly passions. So what is it for you? What wants to be the treasure that you will be so passionate about that is worth giving all your attention to?

Now… we have been talking about physical things but what we do in our body; good or bad, is always connected some way to spiritual things…

Mankind has one of two goals…
Before one looks to Christ their passion is to exalt themselves… That's our self made mission.. we set goals to that end for self… we do what we want… to make us happy… work to that end… we want to be boss of our own life… We want to be seen as beautiful or good looking… smart… wise… cool… have lots of money… be healthy… live long and enjoy life to its fullest and finally have lots of people come to our funeral… All that for ourselves.

As a believer our passion… or overwhelming desire is to see more of Gods glory and no longer to exalt ourselves but him… We want to share his glory with others… All these things give us amazing joy.  God has given us eyes to see his beauty instead of our own false beauty… He owns everything and has made us his children and given us an inheritance so we are richer than the richest person on earth could imagine being. He gives us joy and a peace that passes understanding. Its not about whether we are remembered when we die but it’s about whether we pointed others to see and know Jesus.

So, again, what is it for you? What is the treasure that is worth giving your attention to in life?

In Matthew 13:44 Jesus said this:
“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.


Father God, thank You for giving us eyes to see Jesus as the greatest treasure in the Universe worth leaving all for. Help us not to be drawn away from our mission in You… May we not be overcome with passion for things of the world that take us away from you. Please give us wisdom for you… not spending our life on the promises of the world… May we love and study your word and pray and seek your guidance for the future with the rest of our life… plan for missions, learning new languages to go and share… presenting the Gospel and sharing our testimony… letting others see your light and joy in our life… seeing more and sharing more of your glory from day to day.