Proverbs in 365 Devotions

Proverbs 22:13 The sluggard says, “There is a lion outside! I shall be killed in the streets!” 14 The mouth of forbidden women is a deep pit; he with whom the Lord is angry will fall into it.

One Sin's Pit

Of Various Genera's

R Aylor

It’s interesting to me how these two verses fit together so well… I don’t know how Solomon meant it but its as though they are a part of the same proverb. For one we human beings rationalize and make excuses when we don’t want to do something claiming it is dangerous or will cause pain or suffering in some way; “There is a lion outside! I shall be killed in the streets!”… While with open arms a man will run towards the arms of a forbidden woman which can ruin his life. The forbidden woman is a thousand times worse than a lion for sure! I believe we can see the spiritual parallel of how the forbidden woman not only represents adultery and fornication but also the forsaking of our Creator and making all kinds of sin into god’s rather than the Lord. So this forbidden woman can lead a man to eternal destruction while a lion can only kill our physical body.

Something else… When I come to this verse a “take notice” flag pop up as if to say slow down, something seems different here. Let me read verse 14 again.

14 The mouth of forbidden women is a deep pit; he with whom the Lord is angry will fall into it.


Then I notice what seems off... the verse is written backwards as to how I normally think. I would expect it to say something like whoever falls to a forbidden woman will evoke the LORD to become angry. However, it seems to say here that the LORD is angry before this person ever falls for the sweet sounding words of the forbidden woman.


Just a note: the word that stems from the Hebrew for “angry” is also sometimes translated enraged or abhorred.

God being really angry shouldn’t be surprising to me… its easy to see how a man will lust and ponder after a woman… even fantasizing in his mind… before he ever approaches the forbidden woman. The LORD is not happy with him for all his evil pondering of sin. I think that is the definition of worship… but it is not the worship of God but of sin. The LORD has good reason to be angry… And this man who may have purposed in his heart not to approach the forbidden woman in the real world… (only in his mind)… he cannot overpower the LORD and how he is angry because of his heart of sin… and what happens? ...the man falls. This senerio plays out so many times every day in the world.

As I think of my own life… a related question comes to mind…


When the LORD is angry with me... with anyone; will that person only fall in the same genera of their sin? …Or will they fall into other pits of sin not directly connected to their sin? Is that possible?

Maybe even as a believer you are like me and have committed spiritual adultery in various ways.

It seems to me that there are times in my life when stray away from his path by pursuing a sin and then I have found that God has allowed other areas of my life to suffer.

Most often the pit that I have fell into that stems from some sin seems to be that I become blinded to areas of focus, incentives, the purpose of my life… and the motivation to not only do them but see them… its as though things were put on hold or my mind laden with a heavy fog. Not only discernment for purpose and life goals but also the ordinary decisions of things like normal housekeeping, travel, exercise or a positive social structure are thoughts too complex to endeavor and carry no encouragement or hope. Sin causes our reality to be distorted... it did that before we came to Christ keeping us from seeing His beauty and sin still causes spiritual fogginess to the beauty of Jesus! My eyes seem shielded from the knowledge of what advantage discipline, diligence and assertiveness offer, relationships suffer and sin causes a domino effect even in the small things. At these times it's even difficult to take baby steps in subduing the unorganized cluttered mental and spiritual space about me. It is a sad thing when your "want to" is taken away and you don't even recognize it.

When we as Christians prostitute ourselves to the world we seem to begin to make ourselves at home here instead of looking to the kingdom God has prepared for us and we stray from our new mission of seeing more of His glory and sharing his beauty with others. … Sin leads us to more sin… back to our old mission of seeking to glorify self.

Thankfully however, in my own sin, the LORD has been merciful to me personally. After sin sets in… God continues to draw his children back to him… hopefully sin does not keep us in the wilderness for 40 years… but after an undisclosed amount of time, repentance comes and the joy for the good gifts of God return. The fog lifts and my awareness, faith and hope returned when I humbled myself to my Savior.

This stark realization of how sin takes hold should motivate me to stay far away from the slippery slope of sin, and when I do sin to turn back oh so quickly!