Proverbs in 365 Devotions

Proverbs 16:16 How much better to get wisdom than gold! To get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver. 17 The highway of the upright turns aside from evil; whoever guards his way preserves his life.

The Real Rock Is The Greatest Treasure

R Aylor

Today Solomon begins comparing wisdom with gold and understanding with silver. He is not using these as metaphors but as actual comparisons. It’s kind of like comparing fake cookies with real cookies.

A few days ago my mother, my two sisters and a friend got together for rock painting. They are quite silly especially when they’re all together. On this day they painted pictures and saying on common rocks and one of my sisters and her friend were going to place them in rural out of the way places in the mountains of Colorado where they are on vacation today. One here, one there… etc. They talked about making a website where people could register the rock they found and the date. My friend Laura found a rock that looked like someone took a bite out of it and she painted it to look like a cookie.

That's similar to what Solomon is saying. How much better is a real cookie than a rock cookie! A chocolate chip cookie loaded with pecans is to be chosen rather than a painted rock cookie.

Verse 17 in today's passage says: The highway of the upright turns aside from evil; whoever guards his way preserves his life.

Look… wisdom is better than gold!… understanding is better than silver! Don't be obsessed with seeking out the promises that the wicked world makes for satisfaction. It will cause you to ignore wisdom and understanding… you will begin using and taking advantage of others to gain your treasure. You will travel the path of evil to satisfy your lusts and die with clenched fists of whatever treasure you gained if any.

In Mathew 13:44 Jesus does use treasure as a metaphor. He said: “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.

I have a new hobby… I’m a few months into it. It’s metal detecting. A couple brothers and I go out on Saturdays to hunt for treasure… mostly silver and gold. Oh, I don’t see myself making enough to even pay for my detector… at least for a good while… But its fun to search and the best part is to fellowship with other brothers in Christ. That's where the real treasure lies. It’s the kingdom of heaven that Jesus spoke of… it’s traveling on a journey with a real family of believers… a journey through a broken world where we look out for one another on the way to a new homeland where a full inheritance awaits us. And the thing is… We have been given a earnest down payment of that inheritance while we’re just a passing through this place. And as the song says: “our treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue and  I just can’t feel at home in this world anymore!”.

Father, thank you for giving us eyes to see Jesus as the greatest treasure in the Universe. Turn our eyes away from seeking worthless things… obsessed with silver, gold, … seeking wicked treasures on the internet like porn… taking advantage of other to satisfy our lusts… Lord you opened our eyes to the beauty and good news of your Son Jesus and in joy we unclench our fists and receive him who with his death on the Cross was paid the wages of our sin and now all who delight in him are given his righteousness making peace with God… And as he was raised up from the hold sin had in death we are given that same power over sins hold in life as we walk with him and he will one day raise us up no longer subject to the entropy connected to sin. Father thank you for this gift of grace and faith through your Son for your glory.