Proverbs in 365 Devotions

July 30

Proverbs 13:5 The righteous hates falsehood, but the wicked brings shame and disgrace. 6 Righteousness guards him whose way is blameless, but sin overthrows the wicked.
Righteous Rabbit Hole

R Aylor

What do you take with you when you leave your home?
Your money, your clothes? Don’t forget your smart phone!
There's something else that we take each day…
A heart that’s synced up to the words we say.

A heart that's connected to all that we do,
Its the charge that we take, it’s our own world view

What are you takin? What are you givin?
Tell me your vision, What is your mission?
What are you makin? Who are you kissing?
What’s your ambition, your reason for livin?
What are you breakin? To whom do you listen?
And for what are you wishing? Whats your treasure that glistens?

Someone once said “never hate”, they must have loved the food they ate

I say hate lies, abhor & despise vinegar, onion & peanut butter pickle pies

Falsehood wears a mask to hide his true face
But what he loves pops up in clouds above his head
Early repentance may have kept him from shameful disgrace
But he keeps running the race for himself instead.

You may think I’ve chased a rabbit, there he goes again… hear me out
There's a few questions I’d like to ask you about

Did you know Gods way of counting… is miracle math?
Did you know hearts can actually walk… on two different paths?
Or the Invisible Spiritual Kingdom of God intersects one road?
It flows up and down, it guards young and old
From being cursed by sin and turned into a toad
Did you know gravity there is so small that it lightens our load
Or that the wicked heart walks the path that sin corrodes
Where souls are condemned and bombs explode

So listen to the rabbit who popped back up from the same hole
He says: remember righteousness guards and sin overthrows