Our goal is to encourage one another in the direction of love toward God and one another, stirring one other towards good works quickened, motivated and brought to life by the Lord that we may bear fruit for his glory which is above all.
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Children in Sunday School making a Cross

Our Latest Articles with Audio

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Most articles include script with audio in the writers voice.

A Christmas Devotion #1 - RA / 2018

A Christmas Devotion #2 - RA / 2018

Share a Little Love - R Aylor - A Song

Mary Christmas - Logan Pope

How Rudolph & Joseph saved Christmas R Aylor

A Modern Christmas R Aylor - A Song

Gift of hope to a rebel king for a rebel world

Don't Burn the Cookies  Gerri Aylor (GiGi) 

Poem: Reminders in the Brokenness R Aylor

Parallel Poetry Do Not go Gentle into that...

Bragging on Jesus Audio November 2018

Bragging on Jesus Video November 2018

Philippians 1 Personal Study Commentary R.A.

Philippians 2 Personal Study Commentary R.A.

Philippians 3 Personal Study Commentary R.A.

Philippians 4 Personal Study Commentary R.A.

The Art of Wor (Worship) R. Aylor

God Glorified in Sickness, Infirmities, Disease & Death

Out Into The Deep R. Aylor Sept 2018

Bragging on Jesus Audio July 2018

Bragging on Jesus Video July 2018

How Big Is Your God? R. Aylor June 2018

A Parallel of  New Birth and Growth. R Aylor

Bragging on Jesus Meet (Audio) April 2018

Bragging on Jesus Meet (Video) April 2018

Mission is a Continual Thing R Aylor

Abraham and Jesus (A Poem)

March 2018 Bragging on Jesus Meet (Video)

March 2018 Bragging On Jesus Meet (Audio)

For God so love his only begotten Son Tx w/audio

Dream Again Blake Farley

Whiskey on My Breath Dwayne Douglas Sermon

The Trouble With Tribbles (Sermon Txt)

A Water Hose Blunder Gerri Aylor (GiGi)

Working Heartily for the Lord Whitney Castor

The Unending Story Rebecca Shaw

Joy Turned Raw Returned Restored Shasta Douglas

A Significant Life Blake Farley

Understanding the Beatitudes Melody Trent 

Set Sail Rebbecka Shaw 

George Herbert's "The Temper" Daniel Castor

Junk or Jesus w/audio Casey Shaw

The Lost and Found World Robin Aylor 

Hello! Can Anyone Hear Me?  Logan Pope 

Powerful Personal Creator God  Robin Aylor

Dig A Well R Aylor

And There was Blood R Aylor

I Want to be a Pilgrim (from Pilgrims Progress)

What do you really want?

Hallelujah Glory Song R Aylor

Scripture Songs Memory Verse Program

Our latest 5 man tag team preaching Mat 13

Isaiah 41:10 & Isaiah 41:14 Song - R Aylor

Jesus is better than Everything Robin Aylor

A Pharaoh's Reminder Gerri Aylor (GiGi)

Two Creations in Genesis? Robin Aylor

Christ Took My Sins Away Gerri Aylor

One Cold Night Gerri Aylor (GiGi)

My America... A Poem Gerri Aylor (GiGi)

I Love You - Gerri Aylor (GiGi)

Ben Odd - Robin Aylor

A Bad Case of Plank Eye- Daniel Castor

The Pearl of Great Price- Gerri Aylor

Who Am I - Robin Aylor

Pearl Harbor - Gerri Aylor

Offensive - Logan Pope

An Excellent Wife R Aylor - A Poem

The Cheerful of Heart R Aylor - A Poem

Whoever Loves Discipline R Aylor A Poem

Larry Loudliar R Aylor - A Poem

The Tongue a Long Slimy Sword R Aylor A Poem

So you've never heard of Jesus Robin Aylor

Being Thankful for Jesus Joy /Robin Aylor

Rubbermaid Gerri Aylor (GiGi) 

Are We There Yet? Gerri Aylor

Being Thankful Part 1  Robin Aylor 

Being Thankful means loving others R.Aylor

Don't Stop! Blake Farley

Two Wells Robin Aylor 

Take Time to Waste Time  Blake Farley

Apocalyptic Grunge  Robin Aylor

It Sucks but it's ok! Blake Farley 

The Invisible Kingdom

Glorifying a Glorious God Robin Aylor

My Precious Robin Aylor

Alien Hand Syndrome Robin Aylor









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