Christian Hedonism

Robin Aylor January 2018

There are many “-ism’s” in the prism of schisms

Like egotism, feminism, legalism and criticism 

But today, won't you listen, to my optimism 

And the wisdom of Christian Hedonism 


Take the best endeavors of the human life

There’s something far better than all their delights

A treasure past measure like what day is to night

A pleasure fully suited for mans appetite 


Wikipedia has officially registered Christian Hedonism 

Compared now, all else might be called Dung-ism

People locked in prison by things that glisten, Rubbish-ism                

Lust-ism, smut-ism, the whole world is in derision. 


Because Jesus lived, died and now has risen

He is my precious, my riches, my vision

My fortune, my mission, for now I’m forgiven

My treasure, my pleasure, my true Hedonism