Robin Aylor

I think about him quite a lot. Usually when I first get up in the mornings. I like to spend some time with him while I drink my morning coffee.


Sometimes, as I drive to work my mind wanders to him. I think about the things he has done, and about the things he may and will do in the future.


At work, I focus on my responsibilities. However; I just cant help keeping him in my thoughts throughout the day. When I am talking to my coworkers, I bring him up. I don't pre-plan to; its just that he is so much a part of my life that I automatically talk about him. I build him up and seek to put the spotlight on him.


At home, I want his desires to be fulfilled by everyone in my family. My hope is that each family member comes to realize that his ways are always best and right and that they should make his wants and desires their own. As daylight ends and I lay down my head, I meditate on his works and plans of tomorrow. 


Who am I? Honestly, most of the time that "Him" is me. I put myself before everyone and everything.

Lord please may I find my joy... my thoughts... my focus... my delights... my treasure in you... I know satan himself wanted glory equal to you... and this is the same temptation he presented Eve... to be like God... Lord may I not worship myself... but you and you alone. You alone deserve my worship and you alone satisfy... You desire mercy and not sacrifice and so I come humbly to you as my all in all... Thank You Lord that I find my rest in You.