Abraham and Jesus

Robin Aylor April 2017

God said Go, and Abraham left.
I'll make you a great nation and the earth will be blest.
Abraham, with his wife Sarah, laid it all on the line.
They walked out in faith, one step at a time.
Sarah was a beauty, His love, His princess bride.
Someone might take her for their own so Abraham, he lied.
He said: say you are my sister, that none may take my head.

He trusted God enough to go, but not enough to calm his dread.
Now, the Pharaoh in Egypt, looked on Sarah with desire.
Not knowing she was married, but God put out that fire.

This deep seeded disposition, brought Abraham trouble twice.
God wanted to be his true defense, the fortress in his life.
Abraham and his nephew Lot, were wealthy each no doubt.

Their herdsmen quarreled, Abraham said we're family lets work this out.
Lets separate, you choose a land, I'll take the other side.
Abraham was learning, to trust God, not selfish pride.
When his nephew was kidnapped, Abraham rescued Lot.

Do I stand up for the defenseless, my kinsman in the family of God?
Abraham turned down the gift from Sodom's King but tithed to Melchizedek.
Will I honor God above man lest this world become my debt?
“Look toward heaven, and number the stars,”... “So shall your offspring be.”
God promised Abraham a son in his old age, but how does that affect you and me?
From Adam to Noah to Abraham, in Jesus the world would be blessed.
Abraham believed the LORD, and he counted it to him as righteousness.
Now Sarah tried but could not bare a son, her patience did not last.

Without resolve should we take things in our hands to help Gods promises come to pass?
So Abraham went to her servant Hagar, who bore him Ishmael.
They should have waited on the Lord. Isaac came through whom the promise dwells.
At Gods command, Abraham was circumcised along with every man.
How often do we obey his word in the times we don't understand?

Abraham was hospitable to strangers who were angels so he learned.
Do we give and feed to those in need though it may not be returned?

Abraham prayed for Sodom that souls be not destroyed.
Do I wish evil on my neighbor when I am only annoyed?
He made an agreement with Abimelech concerning a well.

Do I keep my word to others or when things get tough do I bale?
Take your only son Isaac whom you love and offer him as a burnt sacrifice.
Abraham believed Gods promise and knew he could bring him back to life.

So Abraham proceeded, but God stopped his hand.
Providing the sacrifice himself, the offering, Jesus is the lamb.