He Made a Way

Brad Chase

Roses are red and violets are blue
We are all sinners, both me and you

For this we owe God and sad to say,
The price is so great that we can never repay.
But! God knew this...and HE made a way!

He sent his Son to die on a cross
To save us all while we were...lost

You see, Jesus did not wait for us to come clean.
To stop doing wrong a quit being mean
He didn’t say “straighten up and come find me”
Instead, his power breaks the chains that bind me.

His blood is sufficient and covers the sins of all
To make things right and reverse the fall.

You may be asking what else can I do?
To make things right I... I... I’m in control too.

The answer is nothing and no you are not.
Your debt has been paid your soul has been bought

Our response to his actions is have faith and to repent.
Nothing else works, Not service,
Or words, or giving a single cent.

Repent from your sin, turn and go the other way
Do wrong no more, do it now. Today’s the day.