Proverbs in 365 Devotions

June 27

22 Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman without discretion.

Shady Joe's

by Brad Chase

“Shady Joes impounds and tows” is a used car lot with friendly faces and “so called” honest sales men. You walk in and they greet you with a cup of coffee and get a feel for what kind of vehicle your looking for. Such nice people you may think. After 3 hours of chit chat and paperwork and back stories and complements, the sales man says “ congratulations! Your approved! And I have just what your looking for.” He leads you to the lot and to a lifted truck.  All the chrome is there, the interior looks great through the window. New beefy tires and aftermarket rims. Custom paint and tented windows. It truly is a beautiful truck and it’s in your price range.


But, something’s odd...the salesman is pushing you to make a decision without starting it and he avoids popping the hood. He makes a big deal about all the features and what people will think of you while your driving it. You have a decision to make here. Buy the truck as you see it or be stern and demand to get the key and see under the hood. Who would buy it without starting it? The sales man hangs his head and reaches in his pocket then hands you the key. You set in the truck for the first time and you smell smoke and what you can only describe as something dead even though it’s been cleaned thoroughly. You put the key in the ignition and turn...nothing happens. You try again. And a 3rd time. Nothing happens. Ok. Let’s see what’s going on. You pop the hood and step to the front....only to find that there is no engine in the truck. None. It’s gone. It may look pretty, but it’s a worthless truck.

I believe this is where the phrase “ putting lipstick on a pig” comes from. It means to make something that is undesirable appear desirable.

This applies to multiple parts of our lives. Any thing we put in the place of God is ugly in  comparison. We put a pretty bow on it and build it up so that it appears desirable.

In the context of today’s passage, a beautiful woman with makeup and jewelry and perfect hair and fancy cloths is a worthless woman of her intentions are to sin. To be worshiped and take someone’s eyes off of God. Or to seek self pleasure at the cost of destroying a family. Even on the screen, pretty women doing immoral acts for the viewers to set in a posture of worship to her is ugly no matter how beautiful the woman may be.

Don’t be deceived by the gold ring or makeup and designer cloths. Open your eyes and see that the most beautiful thing of all is Jesus and all that he offers to those who believe and trust in him.