Proverbs in 365 Devotions

April 11

Proverbs 7:6 For at the window of my house I have looked out through my lattice, 7 and I have seen among the simple, I have perceived among the youths, a young man lacking sense,


Looking Through My Lattice

Robin Aylor

Whether you have looked out through the lattice of your own house like Solomon or through the glass panes of your office… the windshield of your car or the windows of your own eyes… you may have noticed some of the same things Solomon did… People doing things as though they had no sense of what they were getting themselves into..

It's interesting how so many who are impassioned to sin are ignorant of how obvious their obsessive love affair with a particular sin is. 

In retrospect I have seen this blind intensiveness in myself as well. My simplicity could not perceive the big picture, and the few red flags I did see I ignored.

Solomon seems to be telling his son what he has seen looking down upon the street from his window… I can imagine him saying something like… “Look son… see that boy right there walking with his head down… every once in a while he looks up and behind him… See. He does this almost every day around mid day… and a few times a week in the evenings like tonight… Look, he will slow down when he gets to the third house… see there. That is the house of a prostitute. She is usually not home in the evenings but out working the street. Tonight it looks like she is working on her own corner… look you can barely see her on this side of the intersection.

And he, he is a simple minded boy who lacks sense… His world is about to take a crucial turn that will have a major impact on the rest of his life. Tonight will help define who he is and who he will become”.

Oh how foolish we are not to seek out and trust our Creators words... all his commands and promises. Each one are for our good and his glory.

Lord help us not to have a love affair with sin. Please help us not to be simple minded to the lies of satan. Help us not to lack sense and walk right on into the mouth of the lion that wants to devour us. Please quicken our hearts to love your word and go there for your wisdom and all your attributes and characteristics. Please give us accountability with you and others that we might love you with all our heart and our neighbor as ourselves.