Proverbs in 365 Devotions

April 9

Proverbs 7:3 bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart.

Stick Notes On Your Forehead?

Robin Aylor

In today's age… where people carry around smart phones and have easy access to paper and pencil… instead of tying reminders around his fingers Solomon might have told his son to stick post it notes on his forehead as a reminder to his fathers words. .

I was just thinking something kind of crazy…  I suppose if someone wanted to pursue evil, they also could tie pretty little bows on their fingers to remind them to sin but guess what??? We don't need any help remembering to follow the sinful nature handed down from the first Adam… That comes naturally. 


Back to the text… What helps us remember Gods word? 

In order to remember it… It is reasonable to say that we have to read it... right? And the more we read it the better we will remember it. Also, the Holy Spirit brings Gods word back to our minds to combat evil and give comfort, reminding us of his truths and giving us direction.


Gods word puts the spotlight on Christ and glorifies God. If we go out in the world looking for our own glory and exaltation then we are not going to be delighting in Gods word.


So let us remind ourselves to look for any way we can be purposeful in pursuing Jesus because he is worth everything we have. Don't seek out or treasure this worlds promises. When we see God as all glorious… when we see Jesus as good news… as the apple of our eye… as the greatest treasure in the Universe it brings believers joy…


So let us memorize his words, meditate on his precepts, write yourself notes, praise him, sing to him, pray, petition, compliment, love and worship, delight in him; let him be your rest… And in so doing, I believe as Solomon says we will: “write them on the tablet of your heart”.