Proverbs in 365 Devotions

March 10

Proverbs 5:3 For the lips of a forbidden woman drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil,


Forbidden Woman Fever

R Aylor

Maybe you’re like me and have had a high fever once or twice in your life. Not like you’re sick with the flu and a high temperature… What I’m talking about is that  "new car fever"? You may catch it from a friend you carpool with or a next door neighbor. You know you have it when you begin to consistently take that second look at new cars going down the road. Then you'll find yourself looking at pictures on the Internet and then intentionally slowing down and finally stopping at car lots but you still tell yourself you're only looking. Soon the fever swells up inside you and your heart pumps heavily every free moment as your considerations drip with desire.

Before you know it you’re driving away in a brand new car hardly worth the interest you'll be paying on it over the next 5 years of your life and your heart sinks as you think you could wind up trading over 3000 hours of your life's wages plus time away from family and time away from investing in quality relationship all because you had the “new car fever”… and apparently you didn’t have a doctor to go visit early on and didn’t take any antibiotics to knock out the “new car fever” before it was too late…

Our text talks about another fever that has been going around for thousands of years. This particular infection is usually referred to as “The Forbidden Woman Fever”. As we talk about this particular strain of virus keep in mind it is very closely related to the original “Forbidden Fruit” virus or that sin that so easily besets you.  

Now this Forbidden Woman strain is much worse than the “new car fever”. It can take more than 3000 working hours from you and me… It can debilitate us for the rest of our life. It can cause us to waist our life.

If you have the Forbidden Woman virus there is a great Physician who can help… Go to Gods word for help. Also there are some great assistance that can help administer the antibiotics. They are called Christian brothers… They are called accountability partners… If you do not have any of those they are called Pastors.

Don't waist your life my friend. Guard the knowledge God has shown you in Christ Jesus. Don’t let the forbidden woman take it away. Delight in him… meditate on his word.

Oh Lord, please illuminate us with insights of your magnificence… show us your glory that we may see you as a treasure better than the forbidden woman or any forbidden fruit that the world offers.