Proverbs in 365 Devotions

February 6

Proverbs 3:11 My son, do not despise the LORD's discipline or be weary of his reproof, 12 for the LORD reproves him whom he loves, as a father the son in whom he delights.

Thank You For Reproof

Robin Aylor

If you’re like me you have failed many times in life because of sin. For me, time and time again God has initiated his plan to humble me in his own way and timing. (sometimes allowing me to wallow in my own grossness until I am sick of it) But the thing is… I am God’s child. He sought me out and he who began a good work in me will bring it to completion. At times in life that can mean he will use difficult discipline.

You can see God’s steadfast love in Psalm 40. Notice the sorrows that come to the psalmist because of his iniquities but because he is the Lords, God does not abandon him but all his distress works for his good.

Psalm 40:11 As for you, O Lord, you will not restrain your mercy from me; your steadfast love and your faithfulness will ever preserve me! 12 For evils have encompassed me beyond number; my iniquities have overtaken me, and I cannot see; they are more than the hairs of my head; my heart fails me. 13 Be pleased, O Lord, to deliver me! O Lord, make haste to help me!

It appears that the psalmist has already repented and he is trusting God for deliverance of his sins accompanying woes.

You know… with repentance comes unique peace that only our Father can give. Some of sin’s brokenness can leave marks on our body and may stay for a while or longer… they may even become scars that remind us of how God rescued us… but with repentance God’s peace that passes understanding and his joy are showered on us from heaven.

The following is quite a difficult prayer to pray but one I have prayed more than once…

Father God, thank you for loving me enough to reprove me… And Lord what ever it may take for me to treasure you supremely… Whatever it takes that this sin be taken away… knowing Lord that it may take great pain… an accident… an illness… Still Lord I ask for your mercy in this… but turn my heart to you. Please do what you will for your glory. That's what I want. Lord Thank You for your mercy.

Psalm 119:71 It is good for me that I was afflicted, that I might learn your statutes. 72 The law of your mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver pieces.