Proverbs in 365 Devotions

January 27

Proverbs 2:16 So you will be delivered from the forbidden woman, from the adulteress with her smooth words, 17 who forsakes the companion of her youth and forgets the covenant of her God; 18 for her house sinks down to death, and her paths to the departed; 19 none who go to her come back, nor do they regain the paths of life.

Jesus Defeated the Maze

Brad Chase

So, who is this woman in 16 & 17? This smooth talking woman who has abandoned her husband, her morals, her relationship with God and her dignity? Is it a wayward wife who is making bad decisions? Is it a woman on the street sleeping with men to pay the bills? Is it a woman in the supermarket who bats her eyes and bites her lower lip in a come hither kind of way? Sadly, all of those are true, but that’s not where it ends.


See, most men today believe that in order to commit adultery, you must (A) be involved with someone and (B) touch somebody who you are not in a relationship with. But that’s not the case.


Jesus says in Matthew 5:28 But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.


No matter your relationship status or physical distance to someone else, you commit adultery just by looking with a lustful desire. Whether it’s the girl next door, the porn star, the super model in a magazine or the woman in a burka on the other side of the street.

Now, her house. We’ve all heard the stories about places no one dares to go into. The supposed haunted house, the forbidden forest, the room or floor of a hotel.


I remember a movie that came out when I was younger about a group of kids age range from about 7'ish to maybe 19'ish. They lived in this compound surrounded by a giant wall and every morning a gate would open to a maze that always changed. Every night it would close, locking the kids out and the horrors inside. If a kid or “ runner” as they were called was inside, they were killed by whatever monsters lived in the maze. It was understood that to go into the maze meant death. There was no question about it. And the sound judgment was to just stay out of the maze. That’s what was best for them.

This woman’s house (or rather, life style) is the same way. Once you get involved with it, your doomed. No one comes back. It leads you to death. With diseases and crazy people running ramp-ed these days, in some cases a physical death. But the real death is a spiritual death. Separation from God and an eternity in hell. Let that sink in a second. For looking at a pretty woman who is not yours to look at, in doing this you have actually walked into the adulteress woman’s home and deserve hell forevermore.

Kind of a dark and dreary devotion. Though I don’t want to take away from the seriousness of our sin, there is a second part to our maze story.


See, the way the kids stayed fed was a group of unknown people would send food in through a one way elevator. From time to time, they would get a new kid. This movie focuses in on the new kid. He’s never been there and doesn’t deserve to be there. He watches and observes for a period of time before he runs into the maze and beats it not just for himself, but for everyone. All they have to do is trust him and follow him and they will be safe. Not all of them do and they stay trapped. One of them loses his life for trusting in the runner. But freedom is there in the end.

Jesus is our maze runner. He defeated our “maze“ better known as sin. We need to trust him and follow him and he will set us free in the end. Sadly, some will lose their life for trusting him. But they will gain freedom and joy beyond their wildest dreams.

So to compact this devotion, the adulteress woman Is everywhere. In person, images and video. No matter your relationship status you can commit adultery. That path leads only to death and you alone can not escape it. Jesus has paid the price for our sin and only in him can we be set free. Flee from the adulteress woman and run hard after Jesus.




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